what you can see with a 70mm telescope

What Can You See With a 70mm Telescope?

If you are into astronomy and want to see a clear view of the solar system, then you need a 70mm telescope. This telescope will offer good image of the object, which cannot be seen with naked eyes. You can also see the big planets with the help of this telescope.

But viewing the small and tiny detail of the planets with this telescope will be hard, so don’t expect that. This type of telescope will provide just the outer view of the planets in the solar system.

It can be used by amateurs, professionals, and beginners. Below I have explained in detail what you can see with a 70mm telescope, so let’s begin.

 What Can You See With a 70mm Telescope?

As we said above, with the help of a 70mm (2.8-inch aperture), you can get a decent image of the objects. But most of the time the clarity, or image you see of the object, may not be clear.

This happens due to a lot of external factors, such as light pollution, atmosphere, quality of the eyepiece, the sky’s condition, and others. You have to purchase a high-quality telescope to get a clear image of the celestial objects.

It is necessary to know the telescope’s ‘f/no’ parameter before purchasing. If the parameter of the telescope is mentioned as f/15, then f=70mm X 15=1050mm will be the focal length. Add a 2X Barlows lens or the best eyepiece for viewing planets with the telescope to enjoy a strong magnification.

There a wide number of telescopes in the market, and you need to select the best one from them. But if I have to recommend you a 70mm telescope, then my recommendation will be the superior Celestron 70mm travel scope.

This professionally engineered refractor telescope comes with fully-coated glass optics and a large 70mm objective lens that offers a bright and enhanced image of the celestial objects at night. It is easy to use and includes all the necessary accessories for convenient use and a travel backpack for portability.

The Objects You Can See With a 70mm Telescope

If everything is alright and the sky’s light population is minimal, then you will be able to see the below objects with the telescope:

  • The polar caps on Mars.
  • Moon with its craters.
  • Several Moons of Jupiter and their shadows.
  • Cloud belts on Jupiter.
  • Mars’s major dark surface.
  • Mercury phases.
  • The rilles of Moon.
  • Planet Saturn and its rings.
  • About 3-5 Moons of the Saturn.
  • Not so clear image of Uranus and Neptune.
  • Sunspots (Aperture filter needed)

 Nebulas and Stars

  • Emission nebulas
  • Planetary nebulas.
  • Distant galaxies.
  • Stars having around 11.5 to 12 stellar magnitude.
  • Mizar, Albeiro, and some other double stars.
  • Globular clusters.

 Wrap Up

If you have begun your astronomy journey or in the middle of it, then surely purchasing a 70mm telescope will be the best choice. It can give you a decent view of the planets and the other objects in the solar system and will help in enhancing your knowledge. I hope the information shared in this article has helped you in knowing more about this telescope.

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