About Us

Welcome to BestTelescopeReview and we hope that you make yourself at home and find the absolute best telescopes for your own use.

We are a team dedicated to one thing – bringing consumers the latest telescope reviews on the market. This is done through a rigorous process where we base our reviews on a number of criteria. Among our criteria are prices, user reviews, functionality and simply how well the product works. We are dedicated to helping you, the consumer, find the best product in your price range without all of the technical jargon.

Our Resolution

Our reviews are continually updated and will continue to be as long as new products are being produced. We rigorously search through the latest telescopes and write reviews on the ones that truly work and produce the results that users are after. We have spent hundreds of hours scouring through different products to provide a complete resource for telescopes online and this can only be done with frequent updates. Ideally, every time you visit, there will be a new and exciting review to read! If an advancement has been made or a new product has hit the market, you will hear about it here first!

Why We are Different

Not only do we provide reviews on high-end products, but we also dig deeper to find low-cost telescopes. We are not concerned about providing reviews of only the newest models, but also the models that often go overlooked. With thousands of mid-range products, we provide visitors with solutions that simply work. There is no concern about a product being priced too low. We look at each product objectively and ensure that other users feel the same way about the product as we do. Some of our best finds are lower priced models that are packed with useful features.