Can A Telescope Be Used through A Window?[For Telescope Beginners ]

by Daniel Pitts

Can A Telescope Be Used through A Window?[For Telescope Beginners ]

Are you an amateur astronomer? You have bought a new telescope, but you don’t know how to use it through the window? Well, maybe this article is for you. It is because today I am going to tell you the way to use a telescope through a window and which conditions you have to face if you do so. Here we go.

We will come back to this further down the article but here’s a link if you want to see more about the special telescope for beginners.

Can A Telescope Be Used through A Window

Can A Telescope Be Used through A Window

Why Do You Use It through A Window?

 If you are passionate about astronomy, you may like to have your telescope always with you. Even you may wish to enjoy the moon and stars at night as well as the sunset. For having a better experience with a telescope, you can set it right in front of your bedroom windows.

Another fact you should keep in mind is the temperature. There is a difference between the temperature inside and outside. This temperature difference will make it difficult for you to get a steady image over 50X zoom.

So, you have to keep it in ambient temperature for the best performance. Closed windows and some advanced gadgets can be an effective solution on that occasion. Also, make sure that your glass is clean enough. Otherwise, this glass can cause severe distortion to your telescope image.

Why Shouldn’t You Use It through A Window?

If you emphasize the quality of your images, I would suggest you not to use it through the window. Sometimes the close window can distort the light and cannot capture a clear vision.

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For capturing the moon, you have to take your position in a high place or field. Also, you can achieve a high-quality image from an open area.

The most common fact is that your window may not prepare for an optical viewing purpose. No one recommends using an optical device through the window. For a better experience, you have to use some extra tools which are very costly and techniques oriented.

How to Use a Telescope through Windows

How to Use a Telescope through Windows

I have told you before that a telescope is not so efficient in performance when you use it through the window. But you can use it efficiently through windows by the following manners.

  • Use a 40mm finder scope for a satisfactory result. A 70mm +/- refractor at 20X to 40X may provide a better result. Don’t forget to turn off the light to avoid reflections.
  • If you are ridden in your bed, you can use binoculars. You have to set up a binocular near the window, and you can feel your city from the bed.
  • Wipe it clean using the newspaper. The small amount of ink this leaves on the glass acts as an anti-reflection coating. Because the newspaper is the best wiper to make the window appears more transparent.
  • Keep the magnification lowest for a decent view. Also, try to keep your window clean as much as you can.
  • You can set up a pair of binos on a tripod. Also, you can use an 80mm ST with the binos. A white light solar filter will give you a better experience of the sunset.
  • Use a lower refractor as you can. Images may not be as good as being outside, but you can have decent views even in 30 or -40 F wind-chill. I prefer 10mm, 15mm, and 25mm wide-angle EPs.
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I hope this article will drive away all your confusion on the use of a telescope through a window. Using a telescope through windows can be an excellent idea to enjoy the best stargazing experience in your own home. But the key is to know the useful tips for telescope stargazing on how to use a telescope for beginners.

However, this is also important to have the best telescopes to use for amazing stargazing and through windows for any other purposes, you plan.

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