Best Telescope For City Viewing: Top 7 Performers !

by Ali Ahsanul karim

Best Telescope For City Viewing: Top 7 Performers !

If you are fascinated in astronomy, it stands toward the cause that you require the best telescope for city viewing, and the larger the better. However, for a maximum of us, there is a lot of studies to do before hand you could make the plunge.

There is a mystifying range of tools accessible; however, the good news is that there are several outstanding telescopes out there, at very sensible prices.

If you are just starting, you might well have a decent beginner’s device already – a duo of binoculars. Even trivial binoculars would show you a wider range of items in the sky much improved than you could see them through the naked eye, as well as even in city skies they could help you discover entire constellations that are else hidden in light pollution.

For more recommendations on the best telescope under $200 for you, read our guide.

Our Guide to Choosing the Best Telescope for City Viewing of 2024

Telescope ModelAperture Size (mm)Focal Length (mm)Mount TypeMagnification RangePrice Range ($)
Celestron 70mm Travel Scope70400Alt-Azimuth20x – 165x$70 – $100
Emarth 70mm Telescope70360Alt-Azimuth18x – 90x$60 – $80
Orion 10015 Telescope150750Equatorial29x – 300x$300 – $400
Orion 80mm Telescope80400Alt-Azimuth18x – 160x$120 – $150
Gskyer 70mm Telescope70400Alt-Azimuth16x – 120x$70 – $100
Levenhuk TelescopeVariesVariesVariesVariesVaries
Orion 90mm Telescope90910Equatorial33x – 180x$300 – $400

Reviews of 7 Best Telescopes for City Viewing For Watching Planets!

1. Best Telescope For Travel: Celestron 70mm Travel Scope

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As the name recommends 70mm Travel scope from Celestron is planned through traveling in mind. If you are a regular traveler and an astronomy fanatic this telescope is essentially for you.

I am not saying it could compete with all those additional expensive telescopes however owing to the portability, easy toward use feature it could be your great tourism companion. It could also be a great gift for children or beginners to aid them to improve their skills.

Considering the detail that this telescope prices only around 65 dollars(about), this is still the best telescope for city viewing. And the amount of accessories, Celestron is providing by this telescope makes it a complete value for cash telescope.

What We Liked Most About This Product

The package comprises a vertical image telescope slanting which amends the view vertically. Owing to this telescope could be used for both cosmic as well as terrestrial observing (similar as binocular otherwise spotting scope).

Weighing around 1.5kg, it is one of the most portable telescopes for city viewing available today. Its weight completely explains its name namely travel scope. Because of its weight and supplied pack you can happily transport the telescope from one place toward another on small notice. You could also take it by yourself on your outings.

Features and Benefits

 In our view, along with being a great Travel/ Portable telescope, it is moreover a decent first telescope. With above 70% positive 4-star ratings on various online stores, it is one of the best telescopes for city made for children as well as novices and particularly for those who require traveling a lot.

Celestron is offering a two-year guarantee with this telescope. They would cover repair and spare of any faulty components.


  • The telescope is designed to observe nice worldly view.
  • Quite portable that makes it ideal when travelling.
  • This is available at an affordable rate for most of the users.
  • Overall design is perfect for easy using and maintenance.
  • A satisfying warranty limit ensures peace of your mind.


  • The tripod is so frivolous that users found it hard to make it steady whereas using it.

2. Best Telescope For City: Emarth 70mm Refractor Telescope

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Though there are many options for best telescope for city use, the Emarth 70mm astronomical telescope offer the preeminent for viewing the cities. The high magnification that includes f/5.1 efficient focal length and necessary 70mm aperture are perfect to provide dazzling images. Completely layered optical glass and maximum transmission coatings ensure the highest clarity and brightness of the images.

This refractor telescope is equipped with top-notch quality optics, adjustable tripod, and a nice carry bag. It has interchangeable eyepieces that improve viewing power and enhance the quality of scenery. Two larger focus eyepieces are designed to locate the objects easy.

However a safe assembly is essential, this telescope for children is fairly easy to set up and just simple to use. This finder scope would help you focus the telescope without too much worry.

The Emarth moreover comes with an erect image slanting so that images seem great, making this telescope similar to many top-quality earthly viewing telescopes. This is undoubtedly a great choice if you are searching for the best telescope for city dwellers for youngsters and professionals as well!

What We Liked Most About This Product

The Emarth moreover derives with an erect image slanting so that images seem right-side-up, creating this telescope, similar to the Celestron AstroMaster, suitable for earthly viewing as well.

An additional great choice if you are searching for the best telescope for city dwellers for youngsters!

Features and Benefits

This is a refractor telescope that several users love. Its coated glass through manifold layers is certain to produce shrill and bright images. The model derives with two eyepieces, K10mm and K25mm, by 36X and 14X amplification.

With the two completely diverse eyepieces, you will be capable to see all the foremost celestial bodies visible. The Barlow lens comprised can also reproduce each eyepiece’s power through three times. Furthermore, it has a finderscope that derives with mounting support and aids you find all the stuff currently observable.

The aluminum made tripod can be adjusted easily and its carry bag makes this gadget ideal for everyone, basically for travelers. With each telescope, you will receive 24-months warranty and friendly customer support within 24 hours.

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  • This telescope is lightweight as well as portable.
  • A better choice for good image excellence.
  • The small size works fine for kids as well.
  • It could be used for land-dwelling viewing.
  • Derives with a 3X Barlow lens.
  • This user-friendly device is available at a reasonable cost.


  • Some users favor a full-size tripod.
  • The scope does not derive with Starry Night stargazing software.

3. Best Telescope For Beginners: Orion 10015 StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope

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Orion’s StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector is a beloved amongst beginner astronomers, because of its low price as well as the fact that it has been in the scene for about fifteen years. The StarBlast is augmented for wide fields.

As it is a reflector kind scope, it is appropriate for telescope for urban skywatching. Through a focal length of 450 mm, you could be certain its optical power is improved than most additional telescopes inside the price range.

 What We Liked Most About This Product

 The StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector has been intended with easiness and performance in mind. The telescope rotates effortlessly on its robust timber altazimuth base for point-plus-view ease of use.

Features and Benefits

Actually, the entire telescope derives pre-assembled and prepared for astronomy action right out of the box! All you have to do is link the comprised EZ Finder II reflex vision, insert one of the two comprised 1.25″ telescope eyepieces and you’re prepared for night afterward night of family fun through the stars! A handy detachable eyepiece rack could be attached toward the StarBlast 4.5 base to offer a helpful storing spot for idle telescope eyepieces.


  • The telescope is compact and Portable.
  • Very much user-friendly and easy to set up.
  • Pre-assembled, no hassle to utilize.
  • Its base has nice suitability features.
  • It’s good for children and beginners.
  • Outstanding focal length for light gathering abilities.


  • It cannot ascribe DSLRs.
  • It seems expensive associated to similar offerings.

4. Orion Observer 80ST 80mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope

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This pleasantly moveable, small focal-length refractor scope provides perfectly wide views of the nightly sky! Trust it otherwise not; you do not require a big, huge telescope to relish courtyard astronomy. Our tiny Orion Observer 80ST Refractor scope verifies otherwise.

What We Liked Most About This Product

 The flexible scope’s 80mm aperture objective lens has a small focal length of 400mm, which creates the Observer 80ST very portable and compact. Because of the scope’s fast f/5 focal ratio, lively, wide-field sights of the stars and deep-space stuff are the Observer 80ST’s gift!

Tracking cosmic objects however seeing them in the Observer 80ST scope is a cinch by the smooth and steady EQ-1B equatorial mount plus tripod. The EQ-1B base supports the telescope and copycats the rotating axes of the Earth, which in order permits you to physically ‘track’ celestial stuff through the Orion Observer 80ST refractor using sluggish-motion controls.

Features and Benefits

The equatorial base and the adaptable tripod aid observers track cosmic bodies through accuracy and ease. The mount is excessive for hopping from one target toward the next – performing fine with its physical slow-motion control – however, it is not the topmost choice if you are fascinated in astrophotography. Compacted as well as hassle-free, it is easy to take outside plus set up; in addition to easy to bring in while you’re done.


  • At merely 4.5 kg, the telescope is lightweight and portable.
  • Easy toward the store, even while traveling.
  • It is available at reasonable price and worth for money.
  • Equatorial base appropriate for astrophotography, mostly inside the solar system.
  • Orion constantly provides worthy customer support.


  • This is not the right telescope for getting the finest deep space visions.
  • Thorough views underneath high magnifications are complicated due to the extensive field of view.
  • Several plastic modules in the scope that need handling with care.

5. Gskyer 70mm Astronomical Refractor Telescope

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The Gskyer Astral telescope privileges to be the number one astral telescope owing to its great magnification and superior optics. While used correctly, you will be capable to view the moon, worlds, and additional deep-sky stuff for example stars groups. It has an optical lens which has a higher focal length and aperture.

What We Liked Most About This Product

A balance among price and performance is two of the maximum significant aspects to ponder before buying any telescope. The Gskyer Devices Infinity 70mm scope accomplishes to do precisely that – a reasonable price for a high excellence telescope. For traveling resolves, the telescope derives a part and fits within the compacted travel bag. The whole product weighs fewer than 7 lbs.

The aperture width divided through the focal length computes the amplifying power of a telescope. The Gskyer owns a 70mm opening and 400mm focal length, which outcomes in specific and high-resolution images. The scope is compacted and portable.

Features and Benefits

The Gskyer scope is the faultless kit to offer anyone starting through all of the essential tools to learn cosmic navigation. Compact, Lightweight, durable also an involved one-year warranty confirms this telescope would last for years to come.

The graphic resolution and optical competences are top tiers for the low-end value. Assembly is not excessively complex and novice-friendly. Other brands are frequently hard for first-time telescope proprietors toward put together.


  • The telescope comes with high-grade lens.
  • It is well-constructed and ideal for longer use.
  • Risk-free acquisition.
  • Easy to set up, adjust, and bring into play.
  • Bluetooth control is suitable to use.
  • It is a great choice for beginners.


  • No safeguards for steady wear and tear.
  • It does not come through instructions.

6. Levenhuk Strike 80 NG

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One kind of excellent telescope for novices is the Levenhuk 80 NG scope. It has vital features that make it stick out from additional telescope brands.

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For novices, this telescope is perfect. It derives with every elementary piece of apparatus and accessory required for amateur star watching. The package moreover derives with Stellarium software, planisphere, compass, user manual, and more. It moreover has a lifespan guarantee that you could avail.

What We Liked Most About This Product

The Levenhuk Strike Telescope is simple and easy to use. Even kids could manage to set it up. It is very cheap for all its features and accessories. No surprise it is a best selling inexpert telescope today. Get the maximum out of your cash. This telescope derives with a lifetime guarantee.

It is an achromatic refractor scope that usages lenses to curve the light to a precise focal point. It derives with 2 lenses and above a 3X Barlow lens; in addition, an amplification of up to 360X to make bright, thorough images of distant stuff.

Features and Benefits

The Levenhuk Strike Telescope is a type of Achromatic refractor through an objective lens of 80 mm, a focal length of 720 mm, and a focal ratio of 1:9.

It has two 1.25 inch eyepieces: F20 mm as well as F6 mm. It provides up to 360X amplification that permits you to see the slightest particulars of the moon, the stages of Mercury, Lapidus, distinctive flows in Jupiter, and more.

To keep it stable and robust in place and stop it from shaking, it derives by a stainless steel tripod. Moreover, it has a yoke base with a declination axis to aid you to adjust as well as focus the telescope on the target distant item.


  • It comes with decent lens diameter.
  • Sturdy tripod enhances the scope’s lifespan.
  • Two eyepieces make it handier.
  • This is appropriate for home use with 360X amplification.
  • It provides bright, thorough images.
  • It has an 80 mm aperture with added accessories.


  • The scope comes with poor technical papers.

7. Best Telescopes For Beginner Astronomers: Orion StarMax 90mm

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Tabletop scopes are very prevalent among beginner astronomers as well as even among the more skilled ones, plus the Orion StarMax 90mm Telescope is one of the finest you can select. When it derives to brands and optical technology, Orion stances out from the rest, whereas Maksutov – Cassegrain is one name that assurances premium optics. Together with the regular accessories, the telescope moreover derives with Starry Night Distinct Edition stargazing software. The software proffers 3D models of our solar scheme, along with the info about how to use your scope.

What We Liked Most About This Product

The Maksutov – Cassegrain optic design, precisely the 90 mirrors slanting and the EZ Finder II is excessive for accuracy and easy targeting, thus the Orion StarMax 90 mm telescope is fanciful for deep space staring.

This means that in inappropriate conditions you would be capable to see nebulas, dual stars, clusters, and even galaxies. Finally, this is whatever matters greatest when it derives to Orion StarMax scopes – their power toward pierce over the sky and disclose to you whatever is above and beyond.

Features and Benefits

Firstly, I would take a look at several of the telescope’s methodological features. The first one that excites users of this telescope is the 90 mm opening, an optical dia you don’t usually find in additional telescopes in this niche. Furthermore, the Orion StarMax 90mm Telescope claims 1250 mm in focal length, f/13.9 in focal proportion and two 3-Component 25.0mm and 10.0mm (1.25″) individually eyepieces, which permit great and thorough views of the moon and bright worlds, for example, Mars, Jupiter as well as Saturn.


  • It has a big focal length and influential magnification for its size.
  • The tube is prepared from trivial aluminum.
  • Could be attached toward a tripod otherwise straddling to a tabletop.
  • Compact design creates it very easily toward transport.


  • The device could be hard for inexperienced users to focus since the controls need minute modifications.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Telescope for City Viewing

A telescope is selected based on numerous factors: aperture, telescope mount, magnification, price, portability, and so on.

If you are planning to purchase the best telescope for urban viewing and use it toward do some astral remarks of the moon, our solar scheme planets, and even outside, then you have to provide some thought toward your typical perceiving locations.

Do you have easy entree to a dark spot away from the light-polluted nightly skies of big cities? You are not going to be capable to perceive faint galaxies from your sub urban courtyard observatories.

Power Is Overrated

A decent telescope is not just around its power. Three hundred-times exaggeration sounds great, however, there is a catch: Whereas high magnification creates an object seem larger, the light collected through the scope is extended over a bigger area, which makes a fainter image in the eyepiece. Occasionally, lesser magnification power offers a better watching experience, mainly if observers are seeing at stuff that is spread out crossways the sky, for example, clusters otherwise nebulae.

Also, “high-powered” telescopes have precise necessities for eyepieces, thus you will need to study which eyepieces work finest with a given device.


When astrophysicists talk around telescopes, they start through the aperture. This is the magnitude of the lens otherwise mirrors that emphases the light from distant stuff. In a decent telescope, it is the aperture dimension that bounds the image quality.

You could see more features and see weaker celestial objects through progressively bigger aperture telescopes. Seeing the cosmos by a 20 cm aperture telescope is slight like growing the size of your eye’s pupil toward 20 cm, permitting you to see objects approximately 1,000 times weaker than what is likely with the unassisted eye. That offers plenty of chances for inspiration.

Occasionally telescopes are promoted using magnification, however a large magnification on too trivial a telescope just foods a large fuzzy image. If you want a noble view, consider aperture, not magnification.

Mirrors otherwise lenses?

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If you want to sight terrestrial plus celestial stuff, then best telescope for city lights otherwise binoculars using refracting lenses are perhaps the way toward go. Maximum telescopes using mirrors are not designed for seeing birds, sailing boats as well as landscapes. And if you have a restricted budget, then binoculars might be a better choice than a telescope.

Telescope Size

Bigger might not continually be enhanced if your telescope is so big that it’s hard for you to transport it from your vault to your walkway by yourself. If your telescope sits anywhere since it does not fit inside your car, then it is not of much use. Better to purchase a smaller scope that will accompany you all over the place.

It moreover depends on what is it that you want to perceive primarily. If you are planning toward do deep-sky interpretations of galaxies, eclipsing binaries, nebulae, and so on, then a bigger size will aid you to collect additional light from faint stuff. If, though, you are planning to stare at the Moon otherwise solar system worlds, then atmospheric turbulence would prevent you from extending your scope’s magnifying capabilities to their limits. Henceforth, smaller scopes are just okay for that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you recommend a telescope with light pollution filters for city viewing?

Yes, there are telescopes available with built-in or optional light pollution filters specifically designed for city viewing. These filters help reduce the impact of light pollution, allowing for clearer observations of celestial objects in urban areas.

What are some compact telescopes suitable for observing in light-polluted city skies?

There are several compact telescopes that are well-suited for observing in light-polluted city skies. These telescopes are designed to be portable and easy to use, making them ideal for urban environments where space may be limited.

Which telescope is considered the best for urban stargazing?

The best telescope for urban stargazing would depend on individual preferences and requirements. However, telescopes with larger apertures and light pollution filters are generally recommended for optimal views of celestial objects in city settings.

Is there a specific telescope recommended for city-based astronomy?

There isn’t a single telescope recommended exclusively for city-based astronomy. However, telescopes with features like light pollution filters, portability, and enhanced contrast are well-suited for city residents engaging in astronomy within urban environments.

What telescope do you suggest for urban skywatching?

Telescopes specifically designed for urban skywatching should have features such as light pollution filters and compact designs. These telescopes are ideal for city dwellers who want to observe the night sky despite the challenges posed by urban environments.

Are there telescopes suitable for city residents interested in stargazing?

Yes, there are telescopes available that cater to the needs of city residents interested in stargazing. Look for telescopes with features such as light pollution filters, easy portability, and enhanced contrast to ensure an enjoyable viewing experience in urban settings.

Can you recommend a telescope for night sky viewing in urban settings?

Certainly! Telescopes designed for night sky viewing in urban settings should have features like light pollution filters, compact sizes, and enhanced contrast to maximize visibility of celestial objects despite the challenges posed by light pollution in cities.

Are there telescopes with enhanced contrast specifically for city use?

Yes, there are telescopes available with features like enhanced contrast specifically designed for city use. These telescopes are optimized to provide clearer views of celestial objects by minimizing the impact of light pollution in urban areas.

What is the benefit of a big aperture telescope?

The bigger the aperture, the upper the applied magnification limit! As more light is collected and brought to focus through a bigger aperture telescope, fainter stuff could be seen with it than through smaller apertures. Underneath good seeing situations, while air is not windy, a bigger aperture objective provides higher resolution, allowing you to see greater details.

How do I store my telescope?

It is needless to distinct the optical tube as well as the mount while storing the scope. It could be stored in one element in a clean, dry, plus dust-free atmosphere. If it has toward be stored outside, cover it by a heavy-duty plastic shield to stop it from getting wet. Make certain that the dust cap for the facade of the telescope and the cover for the back opening are on. Accessories must be stored distinctly in a box, by all their caps on. Several persons do store the reflecting scope in two portions, leaving the scope tube upside downcast on the ground to stop dust from resolving down on the main mirror. Though, it is not verified that it helps.

Is amateur astronomy hard to start with otherwise will I be capable to get straight into it?

You could get straight into it – there is not much calmer than aiming a telescope upwards and looking over it. But if you are looking to relish this hobby on an additional longstanding basis, you may want to go a slightly deeper than that. I commend that you purchase a beginners’ book as well as a stellar map together with your telescope to you can get to grips with the fundamentals of stargazing.

What do color filters do?

While observing planets, color filters support contrasts. Using the correct filter, surface particulars that were else faint or unrecognizable become sturdier. I will of course delightedly recommend you on which filter you will need.

Final Words

Whereas contemporary best telescope for city viewing is refining in terms of the electric accessories they have, the elementary purpose of telescopes has altered very little from the time when Galileo first detected the Galilean moon of Jupiter in 1610.

So, however considering whatever is the finest professional telescope otherwise the best telescope for city dwellers and for watching planets, you could keep things simple through focusing on the scope’s design. Whether it is a reflector-type telescope otherwise a reflector-type scope otherwise a combination design similar a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope which syndicates the finest of both designs — plus aperture.

The focal length, focal ratio as well as user experience features (weight, telescope base and so on) are the subsequent things toward keep in mind. I recommend you to go over each all particulars, specification as well as read all the pros and cons exhaustively before choosing any brand for the best telescope for urban stargazing.

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