What Can You See with a 100mm Telescope?

by Daniel Pitts

What Can You See with a 100mm Telescope?

Stargazing is such an enjoyable and exciting hobby. Many astronomers, with the help of a100mm telescope, can see the gorgeous details of the night sky. You will be able to see several crafters on the Moon and can view the details of Jupiter and other planets from bright city places.

A decent view of the Milky Way and other deep-sky objects can also be seen, even if you view from dark sites. The details of planets like Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, and Saturn and its rings can be viewed with a 100mm telescope.

A clear image of various celestial bodies including galaxies can be seen with it. In this article, we will tell more about what can you see with a 100mm telescope in detail.

Things You Can See with a 100mm Telescope

A 100mm telescope can offer you a clear and detailed image of most of the objects in the night sky. You can see the bright images of the planets like Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter that shine brightly when you view them with a 100mm telescope.

If you view the planets from an urban place that has mediocre seeing conditions, a 100mm telescope along with one of the quality eyepieces will offer you a decent image of the planets.

The details that you will get to see with a 100mm telescope, cannot be offered by a 70mm or 80mm telescope. They come with efficient and powerful eyepieces, which boost the view and provides higher magnification. So, always choose a telescope that comes with an efficient eyepiece that allows you to view planets more clearly.

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The finest 100mm telescope in the market is the Orion 10012 Skyscanner 100mm TableTop Reflector Telescope that comes with excellent functionalities to provide you an amazing viewing experience.

The refractor telescope comes with 100mm primary mirror optics with two 1.25-inches powerful telescope eyepieces, one is 20mm and the other one is 10mm.

It is big enough to observe the night sky to find the objects and small enough to store easily in a closet or to sit on a desk. This telescope is an excellent grab-and-go telescope for visual adventures as it can be aligned with ease.

What Objects Can You See with a 100mm Telescope?

  • Bright image of the Moon.
  • The cratered surface of the Moon.
  • Bright planets like Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter.
  • Saturn and its rings.
  • 4 moons of Jupiter (with the eye-piece).
  • Neptune and Uranus.
  • Phases of Mercury.

Nebule and Stars:

  • Bright globular star clusters.
  • Absorption nebulae, Emission nebulae, and other cloudy nebulas.
  • Few distant Galaxies.

Wrap Up: What Can You See with a 100mm Telescope

Professional astronomers always want a clear view of the planets and celestial objects to study the details. So they will choose a 100mm telescope over any other telescopes. If you want to see an almost crystal clear image of the planets, then go for a 100mm telescope.

This type of  telescope comes with amazing magnification that enhances your view and allows you to see the clear details. By reading this article, I hope you got to know what you can see with a 100mm telescope.

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