Konus Digimax 90mm with Go-To Telescope Review

by Daniel Pitts

Konus Digimax 90mm with Go-To Telescope Review

This classically styled Maksutov – Cassegrain telescope from Konus was released onto the market in 2009, and has received much praise since then.

Maksutov – Cassegrain telescopes are extremely powerful for their size, as they bounce light around inside the tube twice before it reaches the eyepiece, giving a very long focal length in a short tube, and the longer a telescopes focal length, the greater the possible magnification.

The Konus Digimax 90mm comes complete with sophisticated Skyscan AZ Go-To computer control making objects simple to find, and the database contains more than 43,000 objects.


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– Compact but powerful Maksutov – Cassegrain design.
– Skyscan AZ computer control.
– Sturdy, adjustable tripod mount.
– 43,000 object database.
– Top quality eyepieces.
– Red dot viewfinder.


With a long, 1250mm focal length in a compact tube, the Konus Digimax 90mm telescope has had some outstanding reviews, being given a 90% score by the prestigious BBC Sky at Night magazine.

For its’ price, it is packed with features normally found on telescopes costing far more and includes the best in class Skyscan AZ computer control, and a very sturdy steel tripod.

If bought from Amazon, this telescope comes complete with two high quality Plossl eyepieces, one of 10mm, and one of 17mm, the 10mm giving a magnification of 125x, and the 17mm giving you 74x magnification, and both are multicoated to give sharper images, and protection from damage. It’s unusual to find such high quality eyepieces at this price, so you are getting top quality accessories compared to other telescopes.

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The Go To computerized Altazimuth mount is easy to set up, just follow the instructions supplied to align it with a couple of stars, and any of the 43,000 objects in the database can be found and tracked automatically. It’s all battery operated, so you don’t have to run a cable across damp grass or anything, just eight AA batteries are needed, or you can use an optional 12v power pack.

Compared to other telescopes in this price range, the Konus Digimax 90mm has a huge number of features and has unjustly been overlooked as Konus is not one of the big three telescope manufacturers, and does not advertise as extensively as some others. But having looked at numerous reviews of this telescope, I can honestly say that I have seen literally nothing negative said about it. Usually, you will find some criticisms, even if they are minor, but every review I read has been very positive.

The only thing I could find missing was a Barlow Lens, but these can be bought separately from Amazon whenever you wish.


The Konus Digimax 90mm telescope is highly recommended by all who review it, and if you are looking for a high quality telescope, at an affordable price, then this should be very high up your list. It can be quite difficult to find in the stores, but is currently available at Amazon, for a discounted price.

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