Bushnell Elite E2 7 x 26 Custom Compact Binocular Review

by Daniel Pitts

Bushnell Elite E2 7 x 26 Custom Compact Binocular Review

From our favorite Binocular Distributors is the Bushnell with their custom compact binoculars. This is because they deliver big performance in a small package without compromising quality.

They provide a brilliant image and produce outstanding color resolution. They easily fit into a pocket or small handbag and have fold-down eyecups and long eye relief for a full field-of-view when wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses.

We selected a high quality pair for you to view, however you will find several options to choose from.

There are many manufacturers of fantastic viewers, such as high quality Fujinon binoculars. Whether you are a bird lover, outdoor sportsman, or spectator everyone needs a quality set that are easy to handle and have the power factor suitable to your needs. There are specific things to look for when shopping to ensure that you are happy and satisfied for years to come with your purchase.

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When you are looking check out the weight because this is a major factor for viewing ease. You want to be able to hold your arm steady. Also, how is the all around comfort? How do they feel in your hands and how is the size of the binocular in comparison to your hands? A good feeling binocular that is easy to hold will help you capture your image and Bushnell or Fujinon are excellent choices.

Also, how does the binocular adjust? Do both sides adjust enough to suit your vision? Be sure that the visual fields fit your eye spacing and that the image is easy to adjust so that you have a sharp and bright edge-to-edge image. The main focus control should be easy to work with while holding the binocular comfortably.

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Focusing is another factor. When you have a duel focus pair they are a bit more difficult to keep focused. This is because you first have to focus each eye with one control. Then after that you use another control to focus the image. Central focusing models are much easier to work with and to ensure that you capture what you want to see before it moves from your field of sight.

The lower powered compact binoculars are usually very lightweight and easy to handle. An 8×40 pair is a good all-around choice. Expect to pay between $100 to $300 or else you will most likely be spending your money on a novelty item.

The higher the power to the binocular the heavier the weight. A heavy pair can give you range but they are often cumbersome and can be hard to hold steady. The older ones where much heavier than the zoom binoculars available today. So as you can see (no pun intended) through a little investigating and shopping you will most likely find something perfect for your preferences.

For Fujinon, Bushnell Compacts, our favorite binocular distributor carries a full inventory of different styles, plus a large selection from other high quality manufacturers.

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